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Tyrone Farley Fashion Blogging: From Harlem To True Fashionista Now

Tyrone Farley Fashion Blogging: From Harlem To True Fashionista Now

Tyrone Farley Fashion Blogging: From Harlem To True Fashionista Now

I would just like to thank Tyrone for accepting my request for an interview. Considering I have been creating a series lately on the topic of fashion blogging. The first piece was on Building A Successful Fashion Blog That Gets You In The Fashion Business .The second piece was on Fashion Blogging Money Maker Your Network Your Brand EvolutionI felt it was important to get someone on who is a successful fashion blogging to get more insight.

I am truly grateful to have Tyrone Farley as a guest to interview. He has a reputation for being a highly successful fashion blogger. Tyrone Farley who can be found truefashionistanow has a highly visual and insightful blog. With five years of blogging within the fashion industry Tyrone Farley’s experience and expertise is evident. Tyrone Farley has been featured numerous times on HUFFPOST LIVE  to talk fashion.

Tyrone Farley HUFFPOST LIVE Shows

Tyrone Farley is the founder and creator

Of True Fashionista Now, a community with a focus on fashion. True Fashionista Now is a tribute to fashionistas who has their own interpretation and sense of style. True Fashionista Now is a community that connects you to an audience of influencers that stay on the pulse of fashion. True Fashionista Now works efficiently at networking to support men’s and women’s lifestyle fashion communities via digital. Tyrone also featured on PIX 11 news at 5PM and 10PM On Feb. 27th, 2014 to talk about ‘normcore’ a new fashion trend.

Tyrone Farley Fashion Blogging

Other Press: Tyrone Farley Featured On.

  • On Feb. 27th, 2014, Tyrone appeared on PIX 11 news at 5PM and 10PM.
  • He’s also served as a judge for the 2013 Miss New York Perfect Teen Beauty Pageant.
  • Tyrone Farley talks ‘Style, Favorite Designer and Personal Confession Spring/Summer 2014 Collection at New York Fashion Week.
  • Tyrone Farley’s Google+ profiles (Tyrone Farley & True Fashionista Now) has been viewed over 5 million times.

Passion For 1930s Fashion

Tyrone who started of fashion blogging a number of years ago taking pictures of Harlem States. “You Need To Be Passionate” Tyrone main passion within fashion is through is the 1930s fashion. Tyrone started documenting fashion through on his blog. To be successful you need to be prepared to work hard regularly on it. Tyrone easily admits that he won’t sleep much during certain fashion weeks so he gets as much done as possible.

Practice Makes Perfect

Tyrone admits that he was not very good when he started out even his photography was poor. When Tyrone started out he continued to practice his craft ensuring he would eventually gain the skills necessary for a successful fashion blogger. Today if you took a look at his blog you would find it hard to find any imperfections. In fact today Tyrone has become the expert fashion blogger and an influencer within the industry itself.


Tyrone states that Photography along with good content will make or break a fashion blog. Imagery is the most crucial of the two so get practicing and get good at it. Eventually you will be as lucky as Tyrone and will be able to avail of the services of professional fashion bloggers.

Need To Learn Some Technical Stuff

If you atre going to start blogging getting to know  some technical aspects when starting out will greatly assist you. Become aware of all major Social media platforms. Habve a basic understanding on SEO Linking and link building. Furthermore become aware of algorithms. You don’t need to be an expert in any of these areas you just need to know the basics.

Stay Up To Date

Be aware of developments in technology, media and of course fashion. Be a continuous researcher so you stay relevant and current for your audience and industry. Be an early adapter of new platforms and technologies and trends. Be aware of developments but don’t wast time on things that aren’t showing results.

Find Your Audience

Be on all major social platform but learn where to focus most of your time. This will be achieved by regularly engaging and by sharing content.

Learn About Your Industry

If you want to be a fashion blogger you need to know what you are talking about. So if you don’t know the market already get to know it. People will soon find out if you are not interested and don’t know what you are talking about. You really need passion and a genuine interest and willingness to learn.


This where the time spent on knowledge and skill will pay off. When you go to fashion events and shows to gain content for your blog. You will soon start networking with people within the fashion industry. Now with your knowledge you will be better equipped to hold conversations with these people.

Fashion Bloggers More Influential Than Brands

There is strong evidence to suggest that individual fashion bloggers that represent themselves in the best way that they can. These people become even more influential than some brands that are established for decades.

Opportunities For Fashion Bloggers

While finishing off the interview we discussed the benefits to successful fashion blogging these are listed below.

  • Gain a career in fashion
  • Earn advertising revenue
  • Sell produces
  • Provide services
  • Become your owl uniqu

To End

I would like to thank Tyrone Farley for being so generous with his time and as this is the first interview for this series and my blog we will be meeting up again shortly in a few weeks again when times permit. In that case I will suggest that if you place a question that you would like Tyrone to answer in the comment box below. I will get the answered for you on the next interview. Thanks for listening and reading see you on the next one.

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