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TSU: Changing The Face Of Social Media Forever In 2015

TSU: Changing The Face Of Social Media Forever In 2015

TSU: Changing The Face Of Social Media Forever In 2015

Come and Visit me over on TSU @  daithiorourke

Now a days there seems to be a new social networking platform every week to get our heads around. But for many of these new social networking platforms come and go and never last. It just seems that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and my personal favorite G+ have it all wrapped up. Do we really need any more and if we do. When new ones come out how will they differentiate themselves from the competition. Visit My TSU Profile @ daithiorourke

Advertising Frenzies

Social networking sites are like advertising frenzies with popups, pay per click ads, affiliates, networkers, businesses and personalities. About every marketer on the planet are gunning to get your eye balls on to their produce, service or brand.

Just Another Social Network

Although I was skeptical of TSU and considered it to be just another social networking puzzle to figure out. I decided to give it some research and see what I could find out. To be honest for me it was there philosophy and purpose TSU which encouraged me to find out more about it.

Tsu Is A Free

TSU is a free network like the rest only difference is that they give the social advertising revenues back to its users. Instead of reaping 100% of advertising revenue like FaceBook and many others. Tus gives back 90% of its advertising revenue to its users.

Bear in mind it is ordinary users that make these social media sites valuable to advertisers. The more popular you are on TSU and the more engaging you are the more you get paid. Furthermore if your posts are creative and attract allot of likes, shares and comments the more you make.

Tsu Attempting To Revolutionise An Industry

Tsu are attempting to revolutionise this industry and for this they want to keep only 10% of advertising revenue for itself. Fair right! I think so anyway. TSU’s focus is on paying content creators for their work. lets face it it is they, that are driving traffic to these social networking sites.

As Sebastian Sobczak says himself “It’s the right thing to do”. TSU was founded by Sebastian Sobczak, Drew Ginsburg, Thibault Boullenger, and Jonathan Lewin.

The Jury Is Still Out

The jury is still out weather TSU will last or not but it does seem like a viable option for creators of original content and users. For me I used it to help me in the pre-launch to my new website A website that will be dedicated to the fundamentals of Internet marketing.

Test Out My New Brand

I used TSU when it opened first to test out my new brand. To see what it would look like on a social networking site. So for me it served a good purpose. But now that I have been on it for some time I will always consider sharing my content there.

I would not recommend jumping on every social network that comes around. But TSU is definitely one worth considering.

Social Sharing Channels

I would place TSU in amongst my social sharing channels and see what happen. For me I might get some traffic back to my new website which is a good thing for me. Infact that is what I like about Tsu it is an extreamly engaging network. Within a few short months my profile David O’Rourke gained.

332 Followers and 1834 friends and to be honest I did not put much effort into achieving this. I was creating a wealth of content at the time for my new website. As I know this is how I will be found online. I just shared out these pieces of content there and achieved allot of engagement from that. Received numerous visits to my website from users of TSU and achieved a new audience for my content.

So for me TSU worked out very well and while doing all of this. I eventually started earning which is an added bonus that no other social platform offers this but earning on TSU is not my main concern. Generating traffic to my website, building my brand and HELPING YOU! is my main priority.

Whats The Community Like

The more unique and engaging your content is the more it gets shared and the more money you make. Now in its infancy TSU has a clean and simply interface, limited amount of users, and spam is non existent. People are eager to follow newcomers also people are enthusiastic about commenting and liking. Use # to be found and to find others it is limited in terms of functionality. But all social platforms are once they start out.

How Does IT Work

TSU is all about content and this is why the creators of original content should consider going there. TSU is a monatised platform for content with algorithms tracking, measuring and distributing revenue to traffic drivers, which by the way is YOU.

They want you to create your network, invite people by sharing out your short code to whoever wants to join, here is mine daithiorourke. By the way nobody can join without a short code from an existing user. Below is what you are limited to do on the network within a 24 hour period.

Tsu Know Your Limits


How Do I Make Money

Well first of all you need to share content and create content, engage with others within the community. Kevin Hinkle a health and fitness advocate would be a great member to follow. He uses it every day and has a real passion for its concept and principles. He would be one that would be worth following on TSU.

Because of his usage and engagement he has become a star within TSU. For this reason he gets allot of views and engagement and is regularly making money for his chosen charities because of that. Below is an image that will explain the money aspect better that writing.

Shared Economics On Tsu

Shared Economics On Tsu

Add It To Your Channels

Personally I would not be giving up my job to work on TSU full time its definitely not a get rich quick scheme. What TSU is however it is a social network that appreciates its users and is willing to reward then. Depending how often they use and how much engagement they generate.

Personally I will sill be using it regularly when every I am sharing out my content on other platforms. I would rather be using TSU  and be on it rather than letting the opportunity pass me by. Now that I am an early adapter of the platform I will be able to share what I know to others.

I Now Question Are TSU Right.

The reason I like TSU is that it is a very engaging network and there philosophy makes some sence. I have been writing allot on LinkedIn this year in 2014 and never got paid for it. I never expected to get paid I was just writing to spread my message and knowledage at the time. Now that TSU has come along and has shared its philosophy with me.

I now question are they right and should networks pay royalties to those who create valuable content. That’s what makes these platforms so valuable to advertisers. There adds are surrounding your engagement and your content to get your eyeballs,on there products service or brand. So without your engagement and content these adverts would not exist and the social platform that depends on them would not exist.

Fair System

I got traffic back to my old blog from linkedIn which has been neglected recently since my new venture. But I never actually got paid by LinkedIn for creating that content. So now I only leave Summaries and place a link for my new blog so people can read the complete article.

I only started doing this because of after listening to the founder of Tsu and there purpose which to me seem like a more fair system with a healthy mix of good content and engagement that gets you paid.

Message By Sebastian Sobczak

I will finally attempt to finish this piece with a recent message sent by Sebastian Sobczak to me and the rest of the TSU community which goes as follows.

We are going in the right direction thanks to our engaging users. We are trying to create an eco system that is robust. We are seeing a swell of interest come from Japan and it has been amazing and humbling. TSU is approximately 8 weeks old and we have had a swell of users come to our site in the first week of our existence.

Daily we are producing over 25 million posts and the average user stays on the platform from 15-20 minutes daily. Over the last 30 days we have had so much volume that we have not bee able to serve over 550 million advertisements because of the brand new nature of the platform.

We are of the size now to engage with larger advertising partners who will support our collective efforts”

TSU has went well since its launch and with over one million users its an impressive beginning. We will just have to wait and see if it continues to grow in 2015 and if it dose I for one will be glad that I was one of its early adapters.

Think About This!

Source from socialtimes

In a statement, released by Tsu they write: tsū aims to be one of the most progressive and socially responsible social networks, as dozens of charities and nonprofits activity on the network we are continually receiving funds from the content they produce, the social networks they connect to tsū and donations made by the tsū community.

Charitable organizations on tsū 

  • BeautifulGoal.Org,
  • The Goss-Michael Foundation,
  • Environmental Media Association,
  • Feed The Children,
  • Food for the Hungry,
  • The Andy Roddick Foundation,
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,
  • No More Tears,

In observance of World AIDS Day on December 1, tsū launched a one-day campaign for DIFFADallas, Some of the largest non-profit organizations working to fight there individual causes. TSU has attracted these organisations because of TSU’s commitment to these charities. A noble idea for TSU to help out these charities and below is an example of how it worked out for one particular charity.

Evolution And Advancement

Charity Water was a user on the platform with a mission to provide clean water via wells to Ethiopia. The tsu community set out to raise $3,000 for some wells. Instead, they raised much, much more, with a major bank taking notice and matching the crowd-fund for a total of $18,000, which will go to three water wells.

No one opened their wallet or their credit card — it was just shifting around the royalties among users. Sebastian Sobczak sees that valuing content and donating to causes is the next major shift in digital thinking. This my friends may be the change Social Media has neglected to forsee since its existence.

Like with all forms of evolution and advancement TUS may be paving the way for the likes of FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ need to follow.

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  • Sulani December 21, 2014 at 01:43

    Very good blog post… i think you got all important important information about tsu covered. thank you…

  • Kai Rauch December 21, 2014 at 12:33

    Thank you Dave for the deep inside of TSU. I often saw posts on other social media channels now I understand the concept a lot better. Because of the different approach It could be very appealing to content creators. I’m interested how the TSU will be accepted on the german market.
    I would love to see more of your experiences with TSU from time to time – besides your other great blog posts about blogging and creating content. 🙂
    Merry Christman and a Happy and Successful New Year!

  • alonzo pichardo February 27, 2015 at 07:42

    great info friend.

    • David O'Rourke Author February 27, 2015 at 13:27

      Thanks for the comment Alonzo TSU is definitely one to watch. It is hard to beat G+, Twitter and Facebook but TSU offer something very different. I know that many charities have benefited from being on TSU and that in its self shows its potential.

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