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The Amazing 12 Solid Marketing On FaceBook

The Amazing 12 Solid Marketing On FaceBook

The Amazing 12 Solid Marketing On FaceBook

So you have just become an Amazing 12 Certified Trainer now you need to market the program to other’s, so how do you go about doing this. First of all if you already have a gym then this where your marketing must begin.

Establish Your Own Brand

If your gym has not established its own brand yet then this is what you must do first. When you define design and then implement your brand both online and offline. This brand that you have created will then become the bases of all of your marketing efforts.

Build A Compelling Brand

When you build and create a compelling brand that generates fans and followers this will make it so much easier for you to market any new programs that you come across. Building a compelling brand with a consistent message and imagery. This creates the Like Trust Factor amongst your audience making it easier for you to market to. Below is how you should set up a Facebook page for your gym and what to add when creating it.

Facebook Branding Recommendations

Facebook Marketing

Gym Facebook Page Marketing Recommendations

Powerhouse Gym FB Page

Feature Marketing Video

Create a feature video and place it at top of page introduce people to your gym. This video will give visitors a look into your gym. They will find out what you do and how you do it. You will introduce visitors to other trainer from the gym and it will show the equipment and participants of the gym. It will also feature the logo of your gym and contact details. Plus you will give a glimpse into that you are part of the amazing 12 program.

Additional Marketing Video

This video will be placed in the about section this will show an event your gym was involved in. Ideally it could be a weekly or daily event that your gym is involved in and that brings me on nicely to my next piece of advice.

How To Place Videos on My Facebook Page

Go To Photos Section and select Add Video Tab

Facebook page photos

Choose A Video File To Upload

choose file to upload

Enter Title Description and location

Enter Title Description and location

Drag Video Section Above All Other Sections

Locate Video Section Above All Other Sections

Pin Video To Top Of Page And That’s A Job Well Done

Pin video to top of page

Building A Fan Base

In order to achieve a solid fan base for your Facebook fan page you will need a regularly event to show case. You will ultimately decide what to do here but I will give a few suggestions to get you thinking.

Regularly Marketing Event

  1. Thank God it’s Monday, Wednesday or Friday event. This could be something similar to Eric Thomas only difference will be that it will involve some sort of quick exercise.
  2. You could have a weekly fitness tip. Showcasing a fitness tip that will help people exercise more easily.
  3. Showcase a video of a Gym participant doing some exercise.
  4. A general chit chat video where you discuss a topical issue of the day.

The real point of all of this is to have a weekly or daily event that people will look forward to and will help you get more fans and followers.

Additional Marketing Tips And Ideas

Have a motivational post every morning and evening like shown below with the logo of your gym and URL to your website. There are so many people out there that need encouragement, you could be the voice that provides that. When this practice includes your brand and link to your website. This achieves two things one you will achieve more visits to your website. Secondly your brand will become well known and that is one of the major difference between successful brands and brands that offer no value.

Morning Motivational Post

morning motivational exercise quotes

Evening Motivational Post

did you achieve today

All of the above ideas are only ideas and you should do what feel’s right to you. But trial and error a few things till you get it right. The main objective of all of this is it get the page active and to build a regular audience. This will give you an consumer base that follows your brand online and will give you a consumer base that will be easy to present new and existing products and services to.

The Amazing 12 Facebook Page

Now on to The Amazing 12 Page an how we will market and eventually integrate it ito your mail Gym’s marketing efforts. Below is a similar demonstration as to how to lay out the page which is similar to the Gym Facebook Page Recommendations to the last one only with some differences which I will explain below.

The Amazing 12 Facebook Page Branding And Marketing Recommendations

The Amazing 12  Fan Page

The Amazing 12 Facebook Page Marketing Recommendations

the amazing FB Page

You’re Amazing12 Marketing Video

What we have here is your Amazing 12 Facebook Page an Amazing12 video made by you pined to page featuring participants that have agreed to join the program. Furthermore a cameo by someone who has already completed the program would also be a great addition.

This video will explain the length of the program what it involves and what are the benefits. This will allow curious visitors to learn more about those who are interested in the program to learn more about it and will see you as an authority on it and will be more compelled to join you.

Additional Amazing12 Marketing Tips

As you begin training your existing members on The Amazing 12 Program document these events. On a regularly bases post images and videos created by you of your Amazing 12 members. Try to do this daily and weekly and educate your audience and build a large consumer base to sell the program to on the next phase.

Combining one Facebook Page With Another

Now you have created an active Facebook Page for your gym. You have also created a Facebook Page for The Amazing 12 Program. Now you can choose a day or time in the week that you can post content created original for The Amazing 12 Program.

Then post it on your gym’s Facebook Page where you will naturally have a larger audience. This can be done regularly once a week or a few times a week. This will make it easier for you to sell the program and will look natural and your audience will be more accepting of it.

A Solid Marketing Platform

All of the above examples are of how you would market your Gym on a Facebook page first. Then the amazing 12 program second on Facebook. This will give good structure and could give you a solid marketing platform. The purpose of all of this is to establish you and your gym as the authority on fitness.

This means that people will look to you for advice on exercising techniques products and programs. This people will be your buying audience and will purchase whatever you recommend. But all of this takes time consistent effort and a clear plan. But the rewards will be substantial and will be worth all of the effort.

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