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Blog : EOS Dice

Will EOSBet Dice Lose Its Momentum Now That It Is Currently Paused

Will EOSBet Dice Lose Its Momentum Now That It Is Currently Paused

EOS Dice kicked off its launch with amazing amounts of transactions. 92% of EOS Ddapps transaction volume was made by EOS Bet gambling Dapp in the last 7 days, according to Dapp Radar.

With videos being made regularly by YouTubers such as Crypto Dunker & Tim Osborn EOSBet Dice was set to become the most viral game on the blockchain.

Let’s Face It EOS Needs A Promotional Boost

Dapps like EOS Dice have recently helped in that. Dapps like EOS Dice are proving the potential of the EOS blockchain. Plus they have the potential to become viral gaining more popularity amongst blockchain enthusiasts.

Dapps like EOS Dice will give EOS the exposure it needs but only if they keep running. So let hope the EOS Bet team can get EOS Dice back up and running.

EOS Bet Offical Statement On Pause

Below is the official EOS Bet statement from EOS Bet about the pause of the EOS Dice Dapp.

“Hopefully, they are able to get EOS Dice back online before people start forgetting to use it.”

If you haven’t yet checked out EOS DICE Yet Use This Link  And Check It Out For Yourself  hopefully it will be back online shortly