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Simplicity Of Content Marketing

Simplicity Of Content Marketing

Simplicity Of Content Marketing

Content Marketing may be your only option.

Although content marketing can be made out to be complicated in truth it is not. Even for brands with small budgets can be highly successful with the right content marketing strategy. The distribution of relevant and valuable content on a consistent bases can attract a defined audience. Below are a few things you should consider.

Chances are you are doing it already.

Perhaps you’re already doing it. It’s hard to deny that content marketing is the new buzz word in marketing today. Chances are that you may even already be doing it without realising. Below are a few listed channels in which your content marketing may already be active.


This is one of the most common and oldest form of content marketing. Normally used as a communication tool between corporations and customers. With the objective to engage and educate readers about the brand and of upcoming developments and events. These are incredibly useful in document a company’s developments and progress.


These are a widely used form of marketing that can require allot of work. Because what you are essentially doing is creating sites with related topics to your specific industry. These sites then direct people back to the website or business that’s your main concern. For example your main business is a Casino Consultant which has its own domain and site. Then you create a site only about slot machines or cards then direct popular back to your main site. This is not my personal favourite but it is another method.

Social Media.

Don’t allow so called social media gurus to hoodwink you into thinking social media is either complicated or difficult. Simply a constant sales pitch on social media will not work. But with a healthy mix of content that engages, informs and entertain which then directs people back to your website. This strategy can be very effective.


This is like your shop front window on the web and this needs to be clean and instantly easy to navigate. With clear imagery simple calls to action and a very informative about page. Furthermore with a blog included in the website will make a really powerful tool and will become the hub of your content marketing empire.


Blogs are one of the most cost effective channel for your content marketing. And I must admit my favorite blogs in my experience provide the best return in investment of time and effort. Writing a post on your blog is like real estate on the web that you own. If the content in that post is well written, informative and up-to-date will attract visitors for a long time after its written.

Home page visitors are dwindling.

There is evidence to suggest that home page visitors are dwindling. Over half of the New York Times home pages visitors on reduce by 80 million in two years. This was a reduction by half so generic homepages with no value is a risky strategy no matter how big you are. So it is imperative now more than ever to create quality content that engages delights and converts.

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