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SEO And Internet Marketing Tips To Fill Your Stockings This Christmas

SEO And Internet  Marketing  Tips To Fill Your Stockings This Christmas

SEO And Internet Marketing Tips To Fill Your Stockings This Christmas

SEO And Internet Marketing

SEO and internet marketing is like the perfect set of ingredients required for your website to allow it to get ranked and be seen and clearly read by Google. With the holiday season coming and with the shops becoming an obstacle course of people scrambling over each other to get the best bargains. Many traditional shoppers are now turning to the Internet to avoid such drama that exists in shops during the Christmas season.

Google What It Wants

At this time of the year if you have an online business then it worth taking some time to review your onsite SEO so you get found this Christmas. SEO is made out to be a very complicated but really it is not. SEO is just the fundamentals required to achieve online success. Let’s face it Google dictates where you get positioned and will determine if your site is worth ranking or worth being found. So with that in mind it is advisable to just give Google what it wants which is fast running clean looking sites with good quality content that informs and engages.

Keyword Research

Determine the key words in which you should use coming up to the holiday season. Do some research on Keyword Planner! establish the best key words and phrases that will suit your business. It is best to think of it like this “what would my customer type into the search engine to find you”

Identify Your Keywords

Once you determine and identify your keywords move on to long tail terms such as “gift guides” “sales” “top gifts” “best gifts” “deals” these search terms peak in November. For example “Perfume Boutiques Best Gift Ideas For Christmas 2014” “Christmas Jumper Gift Guide For Santa This Christmas 2014” These are just to give you an Idea of what you could do.

Create Content For Your Christmas Offerings

Quality content takes time to create and to get ranked so get started now. So get them drafted and ready to publish when needed. The advantage of having ready made content means you can then focus on marketing and publishing that content. This will drive traffic to your website for your products and services to be seen and bought. Create product lists, presentations on your upcoming sales, top gift ideas presentation, do product demonstrations.

Some Camera Work

This will involve some camera work but although this may be daunting for you take it from me once you get started and keep doing them you will master them. Remember you can always place a video into your articles and blog posts onsite this bring two advantages. One you personalise your business and people like that people like to know who they are doing business with. You will increase time onsite and Google loves that because it shows you are creating engaging content that worth spending time on.

Gift Guides Revisited

People love these and in turn so does Google this give people who are struggling on what to buy, ideas and why not provide them with a solution. You see with Google really it’s all about providing the answers to peoples questions. People are searching Google every day for the answers so why not provide these answers. You can create gift ideas for all of the products on your site.

Categories Your Products

You can categories your products to “Christmas’s Perfume Gift Guides For Her” “Christmas’s Aftershave Gift Guides For Him” or “Christmas’s Gift Ideas For Kids” These will be well worth doing and you will generate great traffic when you share these out amongst social media and your community. Videos are easier to consume and so are shared allot more easily.

Use Your Network

Building relationships online is essential to online success. So try and connect with influencers that will share your content and who will happily promote your site. For example get a pod-caster to interview you about your Christmas Gift ideas. Ask a blogger you know to mention you in an article or blog post.

Google Hangouts

Even consider being interviewed on Google Hangouts this will greatly add to spreading the word about your products and services this Christmas. I personally have found LinkedIn to be a valuable resource for connecting with influencers. You will be surprised how helpful people can be and the higher you go the more accommodating people are.

Take Aways

  1. Don’t forget the SEO fundamentals fix up all pages on your site and make sure there are all lighting up green on your SEO by Yoast plugin.
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Then create your content that will generate interest and engagement for you.
  4. Gift Guides
  5. Use and build Your Network

Only A Few Ideas

These are only a few ideas that will get you thinking this Christmas like all campaigns they need to be planned and thought out. Lets hope these ideas will help get your Christmas’s campaign moving in a positive direction. A direction that will increase sales and will build value, trust and authority which is gold online. There is no doubt that consistent marketing over the next few weeks will determine those who succeed and those that will be left with surplus stock at the end of the year.

Inform Your Customers

So put your thinking caps on and spend some time creating content that will inform your customers of your business and offers this year. Take it from someone who knows that it is content that will get you noticed and will drive traffic to your online store or business. The time you spend creating valuable content will be well worth it I personally have content on other blogs that are a year old but still drive traffic so it does work. The best thing to do is just go and do it and see what happens you may be presently suprised. So merry Christmas and lets make it a good one because with the slight improvement in the economy it should be a good one.

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  • Lorraine Apple November 17, 2014 at 10:43

    Very good tips for using SEO to get your articles and websites up there high in the Search Engines.

    • David O'Rourke Author November 17, 2014 at 10:48

      Thanks Lorraine your engagement makes it all worthwhile.

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