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Personal Branding: Manage Your Brand And Compete Online

Personal Branding: Manage Your Brand And Compete Online

Personal Branding: Manage Your Brand And Compete Online

First impressions last!

And that is why personal branding is so important. “If you are not branding yourself someone else will and it may not serve you well” Dan Shawbell . Personal branding allows people to consciously, present themselves to those around them in a way that communicates there true passion and purpose. This then gives focus on how best to go about in achieving that.

Erving Goffmans Once Stated

“For if the individual’s activity is to become significant to others, ‘he must mobilize his activity so that it will express during the interaction what he wishes to convey” Goffman. So if we want to express certainty we stand straight and tall, if we want to express uncertainty we stand with slumped shoulders with an unconfident stance.

“Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in. All of us business owners  need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called you” Tom Peters

Empower Your Destiny

Creating and working on that personal brand is about empowering your destiny in both business and life. Personal branding will allow you to strategically attain and achieve your career goals more effectively.

However: Brand itself does not guarantee success: Successful branding is only achieved by, designing and managing that brand. Exposing its identity, and defining its foundations, distinctiveness and value. Because with Globalization, new technologies, intense competition, in business and employment it may be your only option.

Only For Special Ones

For the most part successful branding was perceived only possible to be achieved. By those entitled and these individuals, or companies then enjoyed a good fortune for there investment. Having the largest amount of marketing dollars is not a necessity anymore. We now known that ordinary businesses and people that are driven, focused, and clear of there brands purpose. These will and can achieve success both online and offline for their brands success. The only investment needed is time and effort.

The Branding Game Has Changed

The industry of branding has now changed dramatically for the better. Today with all, of the available free marketing tools out there. Money is not so much the issue anymore except time and effort is. Personal branding will give you the clarity and focus you need in today’s fast world. Allowing you to spend this time wisely on the creating developing and communicating of your brands message “clearly”

That brand then can naturally grow and develop over time when needed. Then with a clear focus achieved the rest is just implementation and practice. With the most recent recessions and increasing instability in business. People need to now! manage their online reputation to attract recruiter’s, client’s, businesses and collaborators attention when seeking to compete in such a competitive market.

Personal Branding With Social Media

Personal branding was once a course only given to undergraduate MBA Internet Marketing students. Because of it’s effectiveness it has now become a course on its own, available to all students showing the growth in its significant. This is a development we must be aware of. Regardless if we are looking for new clients, employers or new collaborators. Personal branding will allow you to stay competitive within your market of concern.

Personal Branding is an Asset

Having a strong personal brand is an important asset in today’s online, virtual, and individual age. It is becoming increasingly essential and is the key to personal success. Building strong social networks and building professional relationships is necessary to support your personal brand. This allows the development of that brand and increases its reach once it’s a true vivid representation of you and your work.

Differentiate Yourself With Decision Makers

“Your personal branding efforts will differentiate you within your industry allowing you and your business to become the candidate of choice for opportunities and business”.

Dressing in unique ways, behaving differently, and bringing your crusade of choice to the world.  This type of branding distinguishes and raises awareness but does not end there. That brand needs to be communicated regularly to your existing and potential follower’s clients and to attract the most important influencers.

These will help to amplify your brand amongst their own community of experts. This is only achieved when you add value to their feeds. Plus showing your support and admiration for these influencers will give credibility to your brand. You can be much more successful in supporting others when you know and apply what makes you exceptional”.

Competition Becomes Irrelevant

How people perceive you has always been vital to a successful business. Now with the internet, social media, and the unrelenting hum of 24/7 business, the ability to brand and promote yourself is more crucial now than ever.

“When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant.” Schawbel

Human Capital

Individuals involved in Personal Branding develop their human capital maximising their competitive potential. Identity capital is formed by your social activities and the relationship they form amongst others. All these elements are ways of measuring an individual’s personal brand.

Defines Your Destiny

Symbolic Interactionism is similar and it is how human beings are definers of their own destiny, and environment, they are problem solvers, and in control of their own actions and how they shape society. So if you want to beat your competition creating your own brand and communicating it well and consistently communicating that message. This is your only option and will allow you to take charge of your destiny in life, career, business and online.

Professional Online Presence

The concept of creating professional portfolios was further enhanced by the creation of Web 2.0. The beauty of web 2.0 as to the former web 1.0 which was a one way communication tool via websites now web 2.0 allow for a two way system. This allows ordinary individuals to communicate and express themselves easily through the sharing of relevant content concerned with their industry.

 Assist in Decisions

If a potential customer or client Google’s an applicant’s name, to assist in the decision making process what will they find? Maybe they will find embarrassing Facebook photos and conversations that were never deleted. Hopefully they will find links to accolades like receiving an achievement award from an institution or University, or a link to your blog showcasing your work interests and experience, or even a highly professional LinkedIn profile.

Mainstream Research Tool

Social media will play a huge part in the decision making process. If you’re on it you will be found and decisions may be based on that online presence either good or bad. Social media is an effective, cost-effective way to obtain information on someone who may wish to work with you. Social media usage has become mainstream research tool amongst professional, business people and your potential new client.

You Are What You Share

So view your profiles and ensure they are communicating the message you want. By the words you write in about sections and the imagery you use. What you share and who you are connected wit will also be a factor. So if these have been neglected go through each one and spread the message you want. Once you do this you will become more committed to your brand and then will protect at all costs. As you will discover how valuable it really is.


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