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Networking: With Online Connections In The Offline World Makes A World Of Difference

Networking: With Online Connections In The Offline World Makes A World Of Difference

Networking: With Online Connections In The Offline World Makes A World Of Difference

lucky Enough

I am sure for many of us we can say we have been lucky enough to say we that there was a person or situation that made all the difference in our lives and in our careers and occupations. For me meeting Karen Brown was one of those meetings.

While doing a research paper that include LinkedIn, personal branding, Internet marketing, and webdesign . I reached out to Karen for her advice and expertise. We meet, an took part in an interview where for me was the start of a friendship that resulted in the transformation of my future.

Expertise In Networking

Karen Browns advice and guidance in employment and careers. Furthermore here expertise in networking, LinkedIn, social media and web design has been the solid foundations of guidance and support I am now truly grateful for. Karen’s unique blend of professionalism in coaching and training greatly encouraged me to pursue my strengths and not to settle for second best.

Now that I am happily self-employed in my industry of choice which is web design, branding marketing and content writing. I can definitely say that this would not have been possible without Karen’s help.

Keep Looking

So if you have not yet found that unique individual yet that will make that difference in our life and in your career keep looking. Alternative to that get in contact with Karen Brown and she will get you on the right path to achieving your true potential.

Below are the details of our meeting and what we discussed Today I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Brown who is a Social Media Trainer, Résumé Writer and Author. Karen Brown she is a prolific Author with a collection of books concerned with LinkedIn and Social media.


Below: Are The Details Of Our Meeting And What We Discussed

Meeting With Online Connections In The Offline World Makes The LinkedIn Concept More Powerful

From online to offline

As you may know by now Karen Brown is an expert on LinkedIn who gives LinkedIn training & support, and consults on resumes, social media, profile assessments & career coaching.

Karen and myself connected through LinkedIn like many do. But it is the fact that we actually met in the offline world which makes the LinkedIn concept so much more powerful.

In our meeting we discussed LinkedIn Optimization and becoming searchable. We also discussed the tag line, this is the section below the name. Normally your current job title goes here by default you can and should place skills and attributes that makes you unique.

I have listed some here below.


Its quality not quantity

We discussed strategically connecting with groups, companies and people who can enhance our network. Allowing you to access more jobs, more career opportunities and partners. It is not a numbers game, it is a game of quality, not quantity.

So seek out quality connections, quality groups, and quality companies that will attract the opportunities you want. Connect with like-minded people with goals and ambitions similar to you, this will allow you to achieve your goals.

Your LinkedIn profile is yours and keep it that way

We discussed if employees of large companies should promote that company through their profile. Karen explained that your LinkedIn profile is yours and keep it that way. Display on your profile the work you have done and not who you work for.

I asked if someone wanted to get a job with LinkedIn what should they do. Karen started to explain that although LinkedIn is not a CV, Identify the key skills within a job description and if you have these place them in your summary in a legible way that is both coherent and engaging.

“Once this is done you will then you will become more searchable and attract the right opportunities”


“Once a summary is done right it can your ticket to that new opportunity a valued connection and collaborative business partners”


The purpose of this post is to highlight the importance of meeting with online connections that can enhance you’re offline career. My meeting with Karen has greatly enhanced my understanding of LinkedIn and how powerful it can be.

In fact, Karen Brown enhanced my understanding of Social Media, Resumes, WordPress, Weebly, Twitter, Recruitment and strategic connections and profile writing.


I would recommend to anyone interested in mastering LinkedIn Social Media and their own professional career and business to get in contact with this valuable resource Karen Brown.

I would like to end this post by thanking Karen Brown for all her help and support, her service has been invaluable.

So, connect, communicate, Optimize and bring the online world offline to make online networking more valuable to your business and career.

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