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My Advertising Pays: Everyone Is Advertising Nobody Is Buying

My Advertising Pays: Everyone Is Advertising Nobody Is Buying

My Advertising Pays: Everyone Is Advertising Nobody Is Buying

Glorified Traffic Exchange

Yes we all could agree that we mere mortals need more traffic to our websites, opportunities and online businesses. And unfortunately many choose to pay for that traffic as this is there only option. For those who cannot afford to buy traffic to the website, opportunity or business. Traffic exchanges seem to be the only solution.

But take it from someone who knows and has used these traffic exchanges, this traffic is useless. I remember when I was gullible enough to think clicking on ads on ten different traffic exchanges opened in ten different tabs was going to solve all of my traffic needs. Although this was a ridiculous practice looking back on it now, it was free and did not cost me anything except my time.

Let’s Look At My Advertising Pays

Now let’s look at My Advertising Pays yet another online traffic exchange that will waste your time plus money as here you have to pay to get any traffic. My Advertising Pays is presented as a legitimate way in which to make money online. It’s simple you click on ten adds per day and earn money and traffic to your online business, opportunity or website.

Let me remind you this traffic is not interested in your opportunity, online business or website. These people are only interested in buying $50 credit packs that MAPs promotes and you need in order to stay. This is a worthless investment that will only empty your pockets.

Quality Traffic

If you really want to make money online you need quality traffic that are interested in your offer and have money to purchase it. There are no short cuts in achieving this but for those looking for short cuts will be attracted to programs such as this one. On MAPS you click on links to random websites and in return you receive random visits.

This can be defined a spammy unqualified traffic with a conversation rate of just wasting your time. These people are only clicking on these links to receive credits for their own advertising and have no interest in what you have to offer.

Time Wasting Exercise

As I described my experience with traffic exchanges before as big time wasting exercises. With MAPs it’s even worse this traffic exchange requires you pay 50 for credit packs. Without these you will achieve nothing with MAPs only even with credit boosters.

Born Out Of Scams

MY Advertising Pays fronted by CEO Mike Deese himself states that MAPS was born out of scams so lest hope that this is not another one. From my research of Mike he seems to be an honest man who genuinely wants to help people fulfill their online dream. But I cannot help but find similarities between it and Banners Broker an online advertising platform that was shut down earlier this year.

Similarities Between MAPS And BB

I can’t help but find similarities between MAPS and BB many of the main promoters of MAPs where also heavily involved with Banners Broker advertising investment website. Where many of the products and processes are similar may even be the same with just a face lift. Furthermore many of these same promoters of MAPS have court cases pending after the fall out of Banners Broker.

It is difficult to find out who is really behind MAP as I believe Mike Deese is just a fall guy who has been duped into fronting this business. Who ever really set this up I would suggest it is not there first time setting up and promoting an online advertising platform.

Fresh Money Is Flowing In

People are being paid at the moment because fresh money is flowing in from its hype and advertising. Soon that will dry up as members will soon realise that leaders in the system are encouraging affiliates not to withdraw any money.  MAPS relies on new members to put in money to keep everyone else earning.

The problem is that the majority of MAP members do not like people like myself reviewing it honestly. Because they are convinced this the answer to their online money making dream. But the sad truth is that only the top 1-3% will actually make a good amount of money.

My Advice

My advice to people in MAPS is to withdraw all you can and use up the rest of your credit packs. Let your packs gradually run down, expire and keep withdrawing the earnings from them instead of buying more packs with it.

This will allow you to get most of or all of your money back, plus hopefully a bit of profit. However I wouldn’t be bothering with it once your last packs run out. Anyone in it now I recommend to get out by letting their packs run their course and transfer the money out. Do your ads every day until they have all cashed up and then leave it!

Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

Use you advertising fund to renew your membership if that runs out. You can then breathe a sigh of relief now that have a way to get your money back. Lest face it the traffic is useless, and there is no product, and yes it is a total waste of time. Eventually it will go bust if too many people do what I am doing and let it run out.

Build Your Own Brand And Business First

It’s up to you at the end of the day if you decide to get involved with MAPS .But my advice to those who want to build a sustainable income online is to build your own brand and business first.

You see with allot of these online programs is that the people involved end up promoting the opportunity and not themselves and their own business. Promoting and building up a business is hard work so do it for yourself and not someone else?

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  • Lorraine December 9, 2014 at 02:04

    Thank you David for your comprehensive review about this money laundering scam. Please feel free to like my Facebook page on this scam

    • David O'Rourke Author December 9, 2014 at 07:00

      Thanks Lorraine its not a perfect piece as I am not a real writer. But I do my best to get good information out there. Thank’s you for your comment I am really fed up with these programs they only wast peoples time that they will never get back. Build your own brand and business not someone else’s.

  • Mike December 10, 2014 at 11:16

    Hi Daith,

    The traffic at MAPS is extremely good especially if you are involved in an online business.
    The profit share for me is an added bonus, its important to remember this is a product based business, with traffic as the product.

    • David O'Rourke Author December 10, 2014 at 11:25

      Hi Mike thanks for the comment I appreciate your description. Personally I prefer to write content to generate traffic. This is because the ROI on good content is very high over time. Furthermore it is free apart from time and effort plus its another skill set that’s being developed. Developing skills and expertise in my industry of choice is very important to me. I genuinely hope MAPS is going well for you and that you are withdrawing regularly as this will make it worthwhile. I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors online or offline.

    • Lorraine December 13, 2014 at 02:19

      Mike, MAPS has no product except people buy credit packs for $49.99 which have no value. The only reason people buy these worthless packs is to get a ROI through clicking 10 ads which ONLY the affliates of MAPS see, it is a stark closed loop system. In other words NOBODY outside of MAPS see’s the ads. MAPS makes money only by getting referrals to buy credit packs and if you get in early like many of the leaders have all the money from the credit packs goes to them. The credit packs are worthless as the average return forone credit pack is less than $10 over 60 days and that doesn’t include VX gateway costs if you want to withdraw your money out. The packs inevitably expire after 60 days, therefore you have to invest another $49.99 to make any money. Here is the sad part the leaders in MAPS actively encourage you to compound your packs ( translated: those who got in early in this scheme will withdraw earnings and 10 referral earnings, while fooling others to get 1200 packs which many will never be able to reach) Oh I forgot part of the ROI profit goes into a Lifetime earnings pot which you cannot withdraw. MAPS is a money laundering ponzi/pyramid scam. The buisness model is unsustainable and many people at the bottom of the pyramid scheme will LOSE MONEY, by two means referrals stop joining and investing new money or members wish to withdraw their money. This is where the scam progresses, as the Lifetime earning pot will be used as a safety net for if and when a number of people want to withdraw . When that runs out. MAPS will crash and burn.

      • David O'Rourke Author December 13, 2014 at 12:12

        Hi Lorraine thank you for the informative reply. I have been contacted by the communications manager of MAPS requesting me to write another article on MAPS. I didn’t really want to do another one. As I prefer to write something that will educate people. But considering I was asked and that it got great traffic. I hope to have another one by early next week. Thanks Lorraine for the education on MAPS it will come in handy.

  • Mike December 14, 2014 at 08:09

    Lorraine MAPS has multiple products with extremely high value, these are advertising products, banner ads, guaranteed visitors , adverts on the text exchange… these are of extremely high value. Many people do not understand the value of traffic and how online advertising works – its these people who do not understand how MAPS works and makes claims like Lorraine.
    Its important not to focus on the profit share and focus on the fact you are just buying traffic,
    this blog owner likes to write to generate traffic, many of us are not bloggers and use paid traffic to build a big business fast.
    The money from the profit share goes into your available balance which you can withdraw.
    The credit packs do not expire after 60 days, they expire once $60 has been paid out.
    Lorraine I suggest you actually try MAPS to get a closer look as there are many errors in your post.
    A Pyramid scheme is something with no real product (MAPS has traffic as a product)
    A Ponzi is something where new investors pay old investors (MAPS has internet revenue sources and is not dependent on new people joining)

  • starad24 February 3, 2015 at 19:36

    this company is still reliable?

  • February 24, 2015 at 16:23

    I tested MyAdvertisingPays I stopped after a few months because not enough remunerative. I get my money back and I put on TrafficMonsoon advertising as MAPS, unlike the package costs $ 50 and pays $ 55 but each pack really pays $ 1 / pack / day guaranteed!
    Cycling packs is so much faster cycle it in 2 months.

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