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Google Plus Ranking Factors And Its Break Up Demystified

Google Plus Ranking Factors And Its Break Up Demystified

Google Plus Ranking Factors And Its Break Up Demystified

Search engine optimization (SEO) and Google+ are extringictly linked. Many short sighted individuals consider Google+ as a failure but to be honest in my opinion that is not true. I know personally that only for I focused on gaining a large and engaging following on G+. My current site that is only four month old would not be experiencing the success that it is currently experiencing.


With 3.4k shares, high ranking content, and good domain authority. Beating the competition on page one for my search term. This I believe would not have been possible without the help of Google+. So I dought its just me experiencing this so let’s look at how and why Google+ and Search engine optimization (SEO) are so linked and return benefits to you.

Search engine optimization (SEO) to your site and content is like fuel for your car. Without good fundementay SEO tactics and stratgies you. your siteyou’re your content will have a hard time in being found if at all. Sites with valued content that is optimized experience three times more traffic than social platforms.

Social sites are great and especially Google plus yet when you do share content it’s a onetime hit. Hoping that piece will be shared pulsed and commented on for a long time giving you good returns.

Correctly Optimized

But once that content is optimized correctly it exists within the search engines for as long as you want. Driving consistent traffic to your site on a daily, weekly and yearly bases.

Your site on the web is like any store on the street attracting potentials customers and fans every day. From here you present what you have to offer in the hope people will, follow, or at least remember you enough to come back for another visit. When we look at the figures below we see how much potential trade is passing us by if you can’t be found on the web.

 Internet Usage Around The World

Internet usage around the worldSource: thecultureist

Compelling Brand

building a compelling brand online that provides value with the right SEO tactics and tools. This generates inbound traffic that is allot more easier to convert. These are warm visitors to your content open to do business with you. Inbound traffic experience a 14.8% close rate. That’s eight times higher that outbound sources.

The Google+ Factor

So where does Google+ come into all of this the social site that seemingly failed. Google+ impacts you your content and sites SEO Directly. Social signals are increasingly becoming a significant ranking factor. In the social media universe, Google+ has a unique marketing advantage: Don’t believe it? Let’s take a look at google search ranking factors the evidence shows Google+ has a direct impact on SEO rankings.

Top Google Search Ranking Factors Sept2014


Source: marketingcharts

Taking a look at the above chart Google+ 1s are the third highest ranking factor. This is surprisingly higher than backlinks and Facebook social shares likes and comments. You might see it as being un fair of Google to use one of its own products as a ranking factor. But that’s is the way it is and not a surprise really.

Facts About Google +

  1. Over 500 million people are currently on Google+
  2. Approximately 343 million of them are actively sharing, +1’ing,
  3. 343 million of them taking action every month.
  4. Google+ was named the second largest active social network in the world, after Facebook (and beating out Twitter and YouTube). As the network gains popularity, it’s important to understand the value it can provide your business when approached correctly.
  5. Google+ has 20 million monthly unique mobile users (via @craigpsmith)
  6. Google+ visitors average 6 mins 47 secs per month
  7. 48% of Fortune Globle 100 companies are now on Google+
  8. 70% of brands have a presence on Google+
  9. Most users are in technical fields
  10. Users of Google+ are ranked higher in search than users of other platforms.
  11. Websites with +1 buttons generate more visits than sites without.

Source: processindustryforum

Jeff Sauer Expermient

Jeff Sauer a digital marketing consultant from jeffalytics created four different sites. All where created on WordPress all with different topics. The three sites that had were shared on Google+ were crawled immediately. The site with no Google+ account or share was not crawled after 24 hours, even though an XML site map had been submitted.


Image Source: jeffalytics 

Observation: A Google+ share will get your site crawled much faster than listing links in an XML site map.

Moz Experiment

After conducting an experiment measureing the attributes of sites and pages. They found that the most significant factor that influenced high rankings within Google. Was the number of Google +1s linked to the URL’s in question. Google +1s significantly influenced the high rankings of these tested pages and sites. Beating all other previously perceived ranking factors such as Facebook shares, and even keyword usage.

Take aways

  1. Google+ interactions affect Google search rankings more than virtually any other metric.
  2. Cultivating a strong Google+ presence helps to drive organic site visits, which convert at a higher rate than outbound-sourced leads.
  3. Simply put, Google+ is central to effective social media marketing. Not only does it provide engagement with diverse populations, but it directly affects measurable outcomes beyond engagement, including higher search results ranking.

My Experience With Google+

Since I started my current website where I share my knowledge on Internet Marketing which has been live since October of 2014. I have quickly experienced significant high rankings of my site and its content. I was actually very surprised. When I initially started this current site I immediately created a new Google+ profile and linked it to my website. I actively engaged there and made some solid connection’s with significant influencers within the Internet Marketing world.

Then when I started to share out my content there it always achieved significantly high numbers of +1s. This significantly influenced the success of my current site and I am truly grateful for that. Now when we look at the prospect of the Google+ break up what does that mean.

Marketing-Is-Google-KryptoniteThe Google+ Break up

Googles attempt to topple Facebook off the top of the social media ladder was a poor attempt. Despite the platform itself giving users significant benefits with social feed’s now called streams, Google Hangouts and photos it still didn’t achieve the social media success Google wanted. But that was always googles kryptonite which is marketing Google creates amazing products and services but find it very difficult to market these.

Sundar Pichai

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona announced Google+ was to be broken up into streams, Google Hangouts and photos. These are stand out products and will be taken over by efficient and capable marketing teams that will allow these products achieve the popularity they deserve.

Google+ is still to big to fail so these upcoming change will only enhance the platform even if it does get rebranded. For me Google+ has been a powerhouse for my online presence. Especially hangouts these have proven to be very beneficial and I will continue to ues it and streams and look forward to seeing what the future holds for G+.

This Break Up May Be a Good Thing

Considering the main reason I went to Google+ was to connect with and network with Authority’s within my industry. If you are on Google+ for a while you will soon notice there is a wealth of professionals willing share their knowledge and expertiese on SEO , Internet Marketing and Social Media.

This is mainly done with the power of free hangouts and events which I instantly loved. There where ordinary Joe’s creating their own media channels becoming social stars in their own right. I can safely say after following some of these Authority’s I learned more on SEO and Internet Marketing than any where else. Now with the platform breaking up this may result in a social network exclusive to authority’s. Because those that where on it to harness the power of spam will quickly begin to leave.

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  • pierce June 23, 2015 at 22:21

    Nice article David but I have to disagree when you say that Google Plus was an attempt to Topple Facebook off the top. On the contrary they are very different models. Facebook is very much a walled garden to a search engine. Theres no symbiotic relationship at all really.

    On the other hand Google plus was not introduced as a social network by Google but as a social layer that links people. Its very much conducive with semantic search as it is a vehicle that links entities and people. We are no longer looking at a web of websites but rather a web of people. Facebooks algorithms are simply light years behind Googles semantic web.

    • David O'Rourke Author June 24, 2015 at 20:39

      What a clear and concise comment delighted you took the time to visit. I am certain that G+ was hoping to beat FB in terms of numbers of people using it. But if you look at both platforms today you can easily see which one delivers the most value to the user.
      Let’s face it FB is just a pure advertising platform now and for me especially. I find G+ to be a valuable community platform of learning and quality engagement. Thanks very much for your comment and for putting the time into writing it. Hope you decide to visit again soon Pierce.

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