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Fashion Blogging Money Maker Your Network Your Brand Evolution

Fashion Blogging Money Maker Your Network Your Brand Evolution

Fashion Blogging Money Maker Your Network Your Brand Evolution

I would first like to give a big thank you to Sasha Manasejeva and her company Sasha M Photography for all of the beautiful portrait image given for this post. Sasha’s portrait photography is amazing and captivating if you are ever wishing to get photography done I would highly recommend you get in touch with her at the following link Now with that said now on to the continuation of our fashion blogging series and the first part can be found here at Building a Successful Fashion Blog That Gets You In The Fashion Business.

Evolution of a brand

As you start to establish yourself within this market your brand will eventually evolve grow and mature. This is natural and allow it to happen your foundations like passion your mission, slogans and statements will stay the same if they where given the proper time to create at the start. But everything else will start be improved as you will now be more aware of all you assets and know how best to utilise them. Your assets by the way are your creativity, passion, logos, slogans, statements, content, following, connections and overall web presence.

Branding Recap

  1. Discover your brand: Define who you are and what you want to communicate, ask people you know what skills and abilities they think you have .
  1. Create: You want to use the same imagery and writing style and tone across all of your social channels. Your writing will include your slogans, quotes and unique statements that allows visitors to those profiles to know instantly what you are all about. Give each profile a unique url this will be been seen by visitors seeing you as someone who cares about the technical stuff. These urls will then be seen by search engines when people search for you or your business. This will give you more online real estate meaning you will practically own page one.
  1. Communicate: You need to be a good communicator and this is achieved through listening to your audience and practice. Creating content will allow you to communicate, that you are the go to person on fashion. Creating content consistently either through writing, creating videos or podcasts on your fashion blog will allow you to practice your skill. Here you will write about what you know and love about fashion. You will give your opinion on recent fashion news brands and trends allowing you unique brand a voice to flurioush.
  1. Maintain your reputation: Ensure you keep a consistent communication of your brand and a clear message. Be engaging and communicate your value to those you connect with. Be willing to answer questions and be particular on who you connect with.

Fashion Blogging Money Maker Your Network Your Brand Evolution

Testing out your brand

At this stage you will have your brand created on your website or blog. Or you will have at least have what you think will work best for you. Choose then a social platform where you can test out how it looks. I would choose a social platform that is quite so you can test out your brand and change when needed.

It is inevitable that you will have to do some editing in the early stages so this is why I would choose a platform where you have either no following or a very small one. For me I choose TSU reason for this is because I had little or no following there so I could mess around with my brand till I was happy with it. Furthermore it’s not the main platform I intent to use to broadcast my message.

Share out your Brand

Now that you are happy with how your brand looks online you can happily share it out across all of the channels that you wish to use. This allows you to easily allow your brand to be shared consistently across allot these channels. Although we may admit we like diversity and change with brands it’s important to be consistent and clear with little change. This is why it is important to give branding the time it deserves.

Make the right connections

So at this stage you have your blog set up with some content in it.Sasha M Photography18 You have all of your social profiles created and you are happy with them. Now you need connections, you’re trying to get into the fashion industry. So it’s all about who you know not what you know.

About Information: Ensure all or the about information on all social profiles is filled in with links to your blog. Ensure a clear message and keep it same for all of the rest. So before you seek out these new connections tidy things up a little first.

Head to LinkedIn: Tidy up your profile and allow your summary to express what you are all about and where you fit within the fashion industry. Take a look at mine and feel free to connect and you will see what I mean My LinkedIn Profile.

The main reason: I say LinkedIn is because it is very particular on how you use it. The people on the platform are mainly professional and will not tolerate sloppy and Sammy messages or profiles. But the will tolerate genuine mistakes so don’t be concerned about being perfect. People will appreciate your effort LinkedIn is a great place to learn how to build a network the right way. Then these skills you learn can then be transferred over to other social platforms.

Blog Summary’s

Then transfer snippets from your blog posts over to LinkedIn. Have these published and showing under your profile with good imagery. The reason for these is when you seek out connections from influencers within fashion. When these people visit your profile and see your work on fashion they will be more willing to respect you and connect with you. Now you are ready to connect with influencers within fashion. You can that connect with designers and reporters and fellow bloggers.

Be engaging

When seeking out new connection always reply with a well written and personalised message. Sign of these messages with links to your social profiles and blog. Don’t be afraid to request these new connections to visit your blog and get conversations going. Ask these connections for their opinion and seek out their insight into fashion.

Seek Out influencers

Lady sitting on railway track in black and whiteIt only takes one good and genuine influencer to open doors for you. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious and seek out influencers with significant profiles and reputation within fashion. In my experience the higher you go the more people are willing to help you. Even request to do interviews using G+ hangouts and these can be published on your blog. This will give you some great content and will build your reputation within the fashion industry. Not everyone will agree to do one but some will.

Engage with your audience

Social media made out to be the most complicated platform to achieve success on. All that you need here is to be engaging remember you are dealing with people not search engins. So ask questions answer questions get meaningful conversations going about fashion. Create raving fans build your following share your content and

Cover your costs

Simply install absence be conservative with it in terms of where to place your ads. Remember the content on your site is the most important thing and don’t allow absence to distract people from it. But once placed correctly it will deliver a return that will help cover your hosting and other costs.

Capitalised on Local advertising

Become the local fashion reporter of choice visit your local fashion shops and designers. Request an interview with whoever runs the store and make a video of the shop and of its products. You can use your iPhone for this so it wont cost you much except time. Your first one can be free but tell the shop owner not to tell anyone. Publish this content on your site and share it out and this will be free advertising for that store. Once this is done charge everyone else either a flat fee or a subscription if they want regular visits. Your local store need to be online and that know that you can facilitate that for them.

Sasha M Photography lady in white dress kneeling in flowing river in a seductive pose

Promote designers

You can implement the same strategy here promoting fashion designers and artist. Showcasing their brand and their products to the local and world wide community.  You will be providing an invaluable service here and people will grateful to have you around.

Become affiliated

Of course if you have your own products and services these can also be showcased and promoted on your site. Become affiliated with these products and services do reviews on these. You can eventually have your own store within your site thats sells products and fashion items. Do all of this and you could build your own powerhouse fashion blog that makes you an income online.

 Now Some Facts.

“Top style bloggers are joining the 1%, with some earning as much as,

say, neurosurgeons might hope to make after years of medical school”

“Fashion bloggers earn money from affiliate sales

(essentially, commissions from retailers for online customer referrals);

Brand Collaborations: (which usually involve teaming up with designers on capsule collections);

launching their own clothing collections; and ad revenue from their sites.

32-year-old Bryanboy Grey-Yambao, of Bryanboy. Though he’s not a millionaire just yet, he says he makes enough to “live comfortably and be able to not wear samples and buy my clothes retail.” Comfortably enough, in fact, to have been able to turn down a six-figure editorial job offer from a major publication, as well as an offer from a major brand to design three bags for $75,000. Last year, he was paid $40,000 to show up at the ribbon cutting ceremony at Bangkok’s Siam Center.

One step at a time

Patiently complete and execute each of these tasks and strategies stated above. Continue to do what works and what makes sense to you. Have a long term approach to this and drop anything that is wasting your time. Stick to the fundementals and get them right first. Do something every day or every week to build that authority your brand and presence online. Trial and error test and fail until you get it right.

Fashion blogs done in the rightway can generate a big income over time and is worth the effort. This is as long as you are passionate about it and if that is the case you will succeed. Your only a few strategies away from being added to the growing list of Irish fashion bloggers Such as Erika Fox, leanne WoodfullNessa Cotter. Please visit these bloggers and you will get more insight on what to do to succeed either as a designer, reporter or retailer.




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