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Digital Marketing Consultancy For Real Estate Agents In Saudi Arabia

Digital Marketing Consultancy For Real Estate Agents In Saudi Arabia

Digital Marketing Consultancy For Real Estate Agents In Saudi Arabia

The real estate market in Saudi Arabia and in the middle east is steadily on the rise. With Alan Robertson, CEO of JLL MENA stating that.

“Investors from the Middle East allocated almost as much in the final quarter of 2014 as they had in the previous three, with US$4.5 billion spent in the final three months”

Middle East investors

Continue to invest in property which we can see in the second half of 2014 and the start of 2015. The appetite for real estate in the Middle East continues to grow. Despite Low Oil Prices property investment continues to stay steady and looks like it will continue to grow.

Further evidence of this growing market

This comes from the Head of International Capital Group at JLL MENA Fadi Moussalli, who states

“Over the course of the last few years, JLL has seen an increasing number of private individuals and family groups from the Middle East allocate more money to direct real estate. The majority of the billionaire, private wealth in the Middle East is concentrated in Saudi Arabia, with greater than US$204 billion across 64 individuals. Middle Eastern capital is expected to remain”

Digital Marketing Strategy

As this is the case it is not enough anymore just to have property adds in newspaper’s and listings on store fronts. Real-estate agents need to start using Digital Marketing Strategy’s to help market their properties to a wider audience.

Internet Usage In The Middle Ease Statistics And Trends

Build Your Brand

There are obviously many important aspects of building a business. The services you provide, your team, your equipment, finances, connections and experience. But to me one of the most important things is your brand. This will define who you are, what you are all about, why people should follow you and why people should listen to your message. What makes you different over anyone else in your industry and this will be achieved when creating your brand.

Your brand is important

Your brand will consist of slogans statements that make you unique. It will also include imagery and logos with your choice of color. The illustration below gives a brief look at how colors effect emotions and may help you choose yours. Your brand is important and if you make one that is easily remembered you will climb search engines quicker. But this will only be achieved if your brand is genuine and actually means something special to you and your team.

Color Value And The Evolution Of Logos


Recommended Real Estate Web Designs

Your site is your market stall, business premise’s or store online and it has to be acceptable and inviting and accessible to your target audience. Do your research and check out some of your competitors. See what they are doing right and establish what you could do to stand out amongst your competitors. I have picked a few designs that I have shown below.

Homeland – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

This is not my favourite design but it is clean with good imagery, easy to navigate all of these are the most important elements to a well designed website.

Homeland - Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

Visit Theme Forest For More Themes Here

Real Expert – Responsive Real Estate and Property Listing WP Theme

This one has all of the crucial elements required for a good website. But the one thing that stands out for me is the search bars. They are easily accessible and do not look out of place. Furthermore the map is a unique feature that can be changed to any of the country’s listed below.

AMERICA COUNTRIES: United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba

EUROPE COUNTRIES: United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Portugal, Belgium,   Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Romania, Belarus, Germany, Poland.

ASIA COUNTRIES: Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia.

AUSTRALIA COUNTRY: Australia AFRICA COUNTRIES: Ghana, Trinidad – Tobago, Nigeria

Real Expert - Responsive Real Estate and Property Listing WP Theme 

The State Of Social Media In Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia has more than 3 million active Twitter users tweeting 50,000,000 tweets per month. Saudi twitter users recorded 3,000% growth from 2011 to 2012, which is much higher than the global average.

Arabic is the fastest growing language on Twitter and Saudi Arabia accounts for 30% of the global tweets tweeted in Arabic. is currently the 6th most visited website in Saudi Arabia.

Top Brands And Language On Twitter


Here you will make your business connections and with over a million users from UAE and with Saudi Arabia making second place with 840,000 LinkedIn users. This will be a prime spot for you and your business to be. Here is a great place to flex your networking skills because sloppy and spammy messages will not cut it here.

You will have to be polite and cbottom-Saudi-Social-Media-Statistics-Infographicourteous to make quality connections here. You will need to have a complete profile that is compelling clean and with a professional photo of yourself. This will make it easier for you when reaching out to strategic connections that can help you with your business.

Consider utilizing the publishing section of your profile to spread the message of your business and is a great way to catalogue your progress. REMENBER when networking the higher you go the more successful you will be. In my experience I found it easier to connect with business owners and industry influencers than middle management.

You Tube

This is where you will have your own media channel with either training videos, interviews, podcast’s and videos of properties and your business. It is your channel so do what you want but keep it busy have something new at least every few weeks. With over 90,000,000 videos being viewed daily by Saudi’s it’s a place that you should be.


Here you will market yourself and your business. Here you can let your hair down a little but don’t over do it. Pure marketing will be done here with posts on a regular bases every day. With over 6 million active Facebook users from Saudi Arabia. This shows it popularity amongst the Saudi’s with having the highest user rate in the GCC. It’s the third most popular site in Saudi Arabia the Arabic language now dominates at 90% leaving English behind at 8%. The leading brands on Facebook in Saudi Arabia are listed below.

Leading Brands On Facebook In Saudi Arabia

  1. Rotana Magazine 5,537,049 Likes
  2. Rotana (4,687,014), Likes
  3. STC (1,716,462) likes
  4. Mobily (1,748,553) Likes

Saudi Arabia is also no different to the rest of the world with 30% accessing the internet is via mobile.


Twitter is where you will communicate with your audience while on the go. This is where you will make your strongest connections and you will develop a real fan base here. There are more than 3 million active Twitter users from Saudi Arabia Tweeting 50,000,000 tweets per month. This is considerably higher than any other location. Arabic is the fastest growing language being used on Twitter. Twitter is the sixth most visited site in Saudi Arabia and Saudis account for 30% of tweets on the platform. So it’s one for you to be on.

Social Media Usage in Middle East – Statistics and Trends

Source: Go-Gulf

Content Marketing Your Foundations Of Your Marketing

Write Some Foundational Pieces Of Content? Like Beginners Guides for Your Industry. For Example “Beginners Guides To Real Estate In Saudi Arabia” or “Beginners Guides To Digital Marketing “.

This has proven to be very benefical to me and there are many industry examples of this such as MOZ. Who have beginner’s guides for SEO and have found it to be very beneficial since they created it. This content marketing strategy takes time to create but gives a great return on investment.

Furthermore it will drive a consistent and regular amount of traffic to your site every day. Allowing you to get your message and brand out regularly to a large audience.

Publishing Your Content.

When these guides are created reach to industry leaders and present these to them either through social media or email. Then Present them to your following on social media and specifically send them to your target audience. This will greatly allow this piece of content climb within search engine rankings. Keep sharing it out every month till you see it on page one. This will assist in building your community and as you build this community you will be consistently spreading your message to.

Build Your List

This content marketing strategy will greatly assist you in building your list. Your list is where your most committed clients and customers will be. Use these foundational pieces of content by offering it to those who subscribe to your mailing list. This should get you a consistent number of subscribers every month.

Regularly test out subscription forms and landing pages with different styles, sizes, colours and slogans to ensure they are performing. Remember a potential subscriber will visit your site many times before they subscribe. This is why you need a regular stream of content being created on your blog.

This will bring people back regularly till they are willing to subscribe and once they do you will need to continue supplying them with quality, up-to-date and relevant information. Either by creating videos, podcasts, interviews and blogs whichever is most efficient for you? Having a good mixture of all would be very beneficial and would give good variety.

Don’t Send Dull Generic, And Outdated Emails To Subscribers & Clients

Be The Authority be the thought leader in the industry. Have your Subscribers & Clients anticipating you next and latest piece of content or portfolio of properties. Take some time out every day to research what your potential customers and clients want and need from your content.

The easiest way to do this is to ask them what they want then produce it. Identify the challenges your community faces and assist them with these challenges. By producing content videos, podcasts, interviews and blogs or webinars that helps to address these issues.

One possible strategy that would be very unique and will allow you to stand out. You could have a weekly, fortnightly or monthly Q&A webinar exclusively for paying clients only. Whatever time you decide on make sure you can stick to the schedule you decide on. This will give confidence to your current paying subscribers and will greatly assist you in amplifying your brand and its message.

Have perks for paying clients

Now once you have gotten everything up and running you will then start to make sales from your list. You can offer a paid subscription for those who wish get you one to one calls and webinars with you. But your main revenue will come from the services I have listed below.

Digital Marketing Services To Provide

Build Clients Real Estate Agency Sites

Anyone who wants to take their Real Estate Agency business serious they need to have their own foundations to their online presence and that is their website. This will become the foundations to all of their marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

A website without SEO is like a car with no petrol. If your client’s sites are being serviced for SEO they will find it very hard to get found online. If this is the case then these sites are as good as useless. Because a sites life blood is traffic if there is no traffic there are on leads or no sales. This is another service that needs to be provided on a continuous bases to ensure clients websites get found on page one for their chosen keywords and long keyword phrases.

Social Media Management

Websites and businesses need multiple channels to get their message out to the masses. Furthermore social media plays an additional benefit to enhancing the SEO of a website. So as this is the case you will need to provide the instillation of social media on to client’s websites with sharing buttons that are easy to access and use.

You will also need to build all relevant profiles for your clients with unique URls, Descriptions, Branding Logos, Feature images, and taglines and phrases.

Once these are created you will then have to provide a service that will help manage these social media accounts for your clients. Social media management allows real estate agents to focus on their business and sales. Then when needed they can access these social accounts and engage with their audience. These are all essential and crucial services for any business who takes there online presence serious and wants to benefit from it.

All of the above services are only a few of the main services real estate agencies will need but will be crucial to their success. There are various other services to add but the above list are the main ones in my opinion. So if you are looking to open a digital marketing agency these are the services you must be able to provide.

So in closing the demand for real estate in the middle ease and a huge demand for Digital Marketing. Both of these professions will benefit greatly from one another. So opening a Digital Marketing Agency specifically for real estate agencies will be a worthwhile venture for anyone who is brave enough to do so.

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