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Content Marketing Tips To Keep You Focused

Content Marketing Tips To Keep You Focused

Content Marketing Tips To Keep You Focused

Successful content marketing a result of great people, great organisations, and genuinely great stories.

Successful Content Marketing

Successful content marketing can be the result of great people, good organisation of resources, and genuinely great stories. Although this is true there are many successful content marketing methods that even a company with no great stories and very little amount of people can use to be successful. And by the way all companies big or small have great stories and great people. Companies just need to be brave enough to share these stories. But in the meantime there are methods that you can use to get you started in the right direction. Here are some of these methods in which you can use.

Choosing The Right Platforms

Content Management Platforms are various and there are many to choose from but in my opinion it is WordPress that stands alone and is the best there is. With brands and organisations such as Nike using it really says allot and it is very scale-able and easily managed and developed even by novices. Although you can get started with WordPress for free it is advisable if you are looking to take on content writing in a big way. Then a professional theme and a well-established hosting company with good support is worth considering.

Who Uses WordPress Anyway

You may here often that WordPress is the best platform to brand and market yourself your business or opportunity. But why should we believe this well just take a look at the list below of well known brands that have chosen WordPress as the source of there content marketing empire so I can see why you cant achieve the same with a little effort, courage and patience.

Sony, The Wall Street Journal Stream, Washington post, Wall Street Journal Blog, Coca Cola, Harvard Business Review Blog, CBS New York, CNN International

And If You are still not convinced WordPress is worth considering here are some more big brands.

Vanheusen, Coca-Cola, Usainbolt, Justin Timberlake, Rolling Stones, Enterprise Magazine, 007.

WordPress Alone Will Not Achieve Success

Analytic’s: The WordPress platform will allow you to easily install analytic plugins to analyse the performance of your content and channels. It will allow you to identify where you are succeeding and will allow you to identify where you are not. Giving you the opportunity to fix what may be broken.

Distribution: Your platform should allow you to spread your message easily across multiple channels. WordPress will easily allow you to spread your message across various channels. That is where Word Press is strong with a vast library of quality plugins that will allow you to build and create your own content publishing powerhouse

Curation: of content is a method of creating content that will be informative and engaging. Curation is a great way for you to get started in creating content on a regular bases. Curation of content with a mix of your own opinions and experiences is a great mix. Just always remember to pay credit to your resources. There is where lies the science or skill of being able to identify relevant and quality resources that will allow to achieve the content management success you want.

Now You Are Just Itching To Get Started Just Somethings To Consider.

You are now ready to take on the world with your engaging and compelling content. You are now going to dominate your industry and spread your message of why you should be seen as an authority in your industry. But before you do all this just take a breath sit somewhere comfortable grab a cup of coffee and read this list below before you get started.

Take Stock

Review what content that you may already have from reports and assignments that you have already created. You may even have some presentations that you could publish. If you don’t have either just set yourself a content creating schedule and stick to it as best you can. The hardest part really is just getting started once you do it will be easier.

Determine Your Budget

When we say budget we mean time how much time are you willing to spend on content marketing. Because you will need a period of time in which you will be able to commit to this process.

Content Marketing Strategy

What do you want to achieve with your content marketing. Who is your audience what do they need to know. How do you expect them to find you through search. What questions will you answer do you want to provide quick and concise answers or long drawn out detailed answers. What area of expertise do you want to be known for and how do you plan to express and display that expertise.

Discover Your Platform

What platform do you focus on which platform does your audience hang out? Once this is established you can go and build an active and engaging community that promotes your work and buys your products and services.

Content Marketing Schedule

Make a schedule that you can realistically follow to create content also make a list of topics and specific pieces of content to create for the 3-6 months.

Review And Perfect Your Plan

Make sure you are not over stretching yourself because if you decide to publish every week on a Friday you will have to stick to is as your community will be expecting your content. Then if you don’t deliver they will lose their confidence and trust in you as the authority.

Accept The Trial And Error Stage

Unfortunately to achieve great content marketing it is necessary that you will go through a period of what works for you and your audience. You will write articles that will receive raving reviews tons of likes and a handful of shares and comments. Then you will experience the time when your content receives little or no results but remember this has not been a waste of time. What benefits you get from this is that you build breadth and depth to your collection of content. You will also be practicing your skill as a writer and researcher. You will improve every time you complete a new and polished piece of content ready for your active and engaging community to like share and comment on.


While your content marketing journey will continually evolve and develop so will you and will perfect your skill so you become the authority of choice. Content marketing will for many become just another form of marketing and many will not take the time required to do it on efficently. But for those who embrace content marketing in a positive way with a hunger to learn. These new pioneers of the marketing world will leave a legacy of content that will be read and enjoyed for years to come. Providing an endless return on investment of time effort and commitment that can last a life time.

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