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Community Internet Marketing Training Video 1

Community Internet Marketing Training Video 1

Community Internet Marketing Training Video 1


Hi and welcome to the first post for my community. Here I will be help answer any question that may come up within my community. I value my community very much and I am here to help out anyone that needs it. This is the reason for this post and I hope to continue with it.

Free Themes Vs Professional.

For those who are serious about their online presence professional themes are the best option. Professional themes have clean coding and mostly mobile friendly which is a must now a days. Furthermore professional themes can easily help you with SEO on your site or blog. Also Professional themes is a great way to give a great first impression to your visitors and potential subscribers and followers.

Bad Coding or Back links

The trouble with free themes is that they can be full on bad codine or even may include backlinkd inserted by the developer. If these back link have no relationship to tour topic of intrest then this will reduce your rankings.

For Example.

For example if a pet shop stes up a website on a free theme and the developer of that theme has a website about mechanics. Then this has no relation to pest so when Google sees this it thinks that you are buying back links wich will reduce your rankings.

Although in saying that if you are only starting out and don’t want to spend money while testing out if this is for you. Then free themes are good for you but remember if you continue with it and want to improve your online presence that professional themes will be your next option.

Theme Forest and Studio press

The only two places I would go for themes is Theme Forest and Studio press the main reason for this is that they work. I have used these for various clients and they have always done well.


daithiorourke community internet marketing training video 1

Difference Between Both

The difference between both is that one which is studio press is great for bloggers and people who do not have any codeing experience. studio press also comes with great and easy to follow instructions its nerly like a flat pack type theme. Theme forest however is more advanced they can still be easily figured out with a bit of trial and error done.

Blog Posts Following Each Other

This is an easy fix when you know how. All that you need to do here is go to your dashboard. Then you go to settings click on reading then select the amount of blog posts you want to be shown. I personally recommend to have it between 3 – 5 posts.

This is an easy mistake many make as we tend to focus more on our content and imagery first which I will be touching on later on in this post. The setting area of WP is a neglected space and really should be visited first when you first set up.

Read More Tag

Like I said before this is an easy fix when you know how. All you do here is when writing out your posts. After your first 2- 3 paragraphs place your cursor where you want it to go then just select the insert more tag in your tool bar on Word Press. An that is that done when people come to your blog ant your first few paragraphs are compelling enougt to your readers then they will happily click on the read more tag to see the rest of your post.

Mobile Responsive Content

We have to remember that these days that people will be engaging with your content mostly through a mobile device. This means that when you are writing content to have it well spaced out this roughly means that to have about two to three sentences before you press enter.

Headings and H1 H2

I will explain two things here firstly H1 tag comes first and is usually the main heading of your post or article. Secondly from then on you will be using H2 headings tags for each paragraph that follows.

The reason that I put headings above each paragraph is to facilitate scanners. When people read your content they will generally scan it first. And if the headings answer any questions they have about your topic of concern then they will read it in more detail.


Although you’re content will make you unique and this will be the most important aspect of your website or blog. Imagery can help take it to the next level in terms of your branding. Branding is simply the communication of what you are all about. Are you a nature person do you love animals or are you into cars and films. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your imagery.

Generic Imagery

I give an example in the video about how generic people can be with their imagery. I say to you be unique recently I wrote a post on networking. Networking image search on Google brings up horribly dull photos and you don’t want that. The more unique your images are the more likely they will be engaged with when you share it out on social media. This will greatly assist in your branding and click through rate.

The Matrix

That is why I picket the Matrix image as it about the real world and the matrix world. This is the same when networking online these connections will never really be solid til we meet in person either offline or through a hangout or Skype call. I understand that there will people writing for corporate businesses and there hands can be tied in this. But for us individual’s unique imagery is something we should all use.

Thank You

I really hope that this post has been useful to you. I am very passionate about providing the best information possible that is easily understood. Thank you for taking the time to read this

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