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Building A Successful Fashion Blog That Gets You In The Fashion Business

Building A Successful Fashion Blog That Gets You In The Fashion Business

Building A Successful Fashion Blog That Gets You In The Fashion Business

Regardless of the up and down roller coaster that’s the global economy. The fashion industry itself continues to be an industry that’s worth billions globally, and continues to grow at a healthy rate.

“The global fashion industry is estimated to be worth over 1 Trillion Euro, or about 2% of the value of the world economy. To put it in context, the global pharmaceutical industry, which supplies all the medicines in the world, is valued at about €600 Billion, making it just over half the size of the fashion industry”


How Do You Capitalize

So taking all of the above into account how do you capitalize on this growing industry. You that has no influence no reputation or no network within this industry. If this is you then this post is for you. However if you do already have influence a reputation or a network within this industry then this is also for you. The strategies and tactics outlined here will assist you in building your brand and presence within this industry. Allowing you to achieve whatever you wish within this industry. Regardless if that’s a career as a designer, reporter, retailer or a brand.

Branding Yourself For The Fashion Industry

Branding is crucial if you do it right then the competition becomes irrelevant. Give you’re brand the time it deserves! So think about it for some time ask yourself the Following questions.

Questions To Ask Yourself.

  • What do you want to communicate?
  • Who are you communicating to?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What are you offering?
  • How can you benefit your visitors?

You’re Domain Your Brand

Your domain will become your first piece of branding realist ate. I highly recommend that you go and purchase this from the likes of the list shown below. I would recommend if you are serious about this get some hosting. Buy it for one two or three years this is good for SEO believe it or nor. When search engines see you tend to be around for a long time they will take you more seriously.

Domain and Hosting Services For Your Fashion Blog

Why Use Your Name

In my experience your own name can be great for this. When you use your own name you become more committed to it. You could always use the Irish version of your name if you wish to stay somewhat anonymous.

You will genuinely care more about something when your name is attached to it. So the benefits of this strategy is that you will be more critical towards your online presence. This leads to better work and your unique brand and message starts to emerge.

Setting Up Your Stall In THe World Of Fashion

So when building your business online it is important to get yourself a proper foundation and that my friend is WordPress. Building your blog and potential business on WordPress means that you are mingling with some of the biggest and most influential news, music, fashion and technology brands in the world such as.

Brands On WordPress

  • News: CNN, Forbes, Reuters, The New York Times’
  • Music: The Rolling Stones’, by Jay-Z, Katy Perry
  • Fashion: IZOD, Kineda, Modelinia, Style Watch, Hypebeast
  • Technology: Samsung

Most Influential Brands On WordPress

WordPress has some of the biggest and most influential news, music, fashion and technology brands in the world

Some Technical stuff

Which ever hosting company you go with Install WordPress You will automatically be given the Twenty Fourteen Theme or WordPress new one the Twenty Fifteen Theme I have these shown below.

Twenty Fourteen Theme

Twenty Fourteen

Twenty Fifteen Theme


Don’t Allow Google to Google you

When you are setting up your blog and website you do not want search engines crawling your site. These search engines are searching all of the time for new and relevant content, including existing content, that’s on the web. If search engines crawl your site and see it’s a mess with no content they will not index you as quickly. Plus you will be pushed down within the search results. I have it shown below how to do this. Go to Dashboard – Settings – Tick discourage search engines from indexing this site box- then hit save………..JOB DONE

Discourage search engines from searching while setting up

in you wordpress settings section tick discourage search engines from indexing this site box

Tidy Up For Your Visitors

Building and setting up a blog and website online initially. Is like tidying up your house for those weekend visitors. You want as much as you can to be a clean and as tidy as possible. Furthermore you want your visitors to be entertained with engaging content that educates. This will achieve happy visitors resulting in your visitors and potential customers wanting to come back for more.

Minor SEO For Your Fashion Blog

Below are the crucial Metadata elements required for your fashion blog and site to be seen and found by search engines and people.


Themes & WooCommerce

When picking a theme you want something that will complement your brand. Furthermore you want it to display images beautifully. After all in the fashion industry image is everything.

There are two other things to consider when picking a theme for your fashion blog.

  1. One: Make sure the theme is from an elite author as shown below.
  2. Secondly: choose a theme that is compatible with WooCommerce.

Elite Author Themes

choose elite author themes


When building a fashion blog and website you eventually will want to be able to sell products. A WooCommerce compatible theme means you will be ready and able to introduce products and services into your site when you feel its ready. Below I have chosen WooCommerce compatible theme that I identified as particularly nice, mainly because of their imagery. Bearing this in mind imagery is everything online and in fashion and it has to be clear, crisp and engaging.

WooPress – Responsive Ecommerce WordPress WooTheme

WooPress - Responsive Ecommerce WordPress WooTheme

Blanco – Responsive WordPress Woo E-Commerce Theme

Blanco - Responsive WordPress Woo E-Commerce Theme

AZ – Multi Retail & Concept WordPress Theme

AZ - Multi Retail & Concept WordPress Theme

View more Themes on Theme Forest

click theme

Your Mission Page For The World Of Fashion

Have a mission page here you will state what makes you different from the rest within the industry. Tell your visitors what you like and don’t like about it. Here you will share your passion and reason for setting up this blog and website. Here you will shine tell your story and make a connection with your audience.

Your Fashionable Slogan’s

While building your site and especially your mission page you will eventually come up with slogans, statements and quotes that are uniquely yours. These are great at enfacing the important’s of your brand and what is it, that your brand stands for. This makes you unique and will make you stand out amongst the crowd. These then can be shared across your social channels allowing them to shine aswell.

The Fashion Blog

Finding your voice: This will take some time but the more you write eventually you will discover it making your blog the place for fashion fanatics to go.

Evergreen Content: This is content that is as good today as it will be tomorrow. I would suggest Writing articles on the history of certain brands and how they became important. This will attract regular visitors on a daily bases that are researching that brand.

Become The Authority: Writing these pieces of evergreen content shows that you know your stuff and have researched the industry. This will result in people seeing you as an authority and the go to place on the latest fashion information.

Allow For Trial And Error

This is something that we all experience especially when starting out. We don’t really know what we are doing when writing first. We are all really just trying to find our feet so give that process the time that it deserves. But this does not take forever you just have to accept that the majority wont care about your blog especially when starting out.

But despite this keep writing so when they do, there is a wealth of content already produced. Then when your audience starts coming and starts to emerge. You are well practiced to capitalize on it with new fresh and engaging content that will envy many.

Your Passion For Fashion Will Make It All Happen

Remember your blog must be about something you are passionate about. Passion will motivate you to keep working even when success seem so far away. Even when there is little or no evidence of success when starting out. Passion for your industry and subject matter will make you work till your brand, blog and online presence is a success.

Your passion will shine throughout everything you do and will allow visitors to become your fans and any minor mistakes you make while setting up will be forgiven. Passion is the one thing that will make you succeed and eventually you will have a successful fashion business online………………

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