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Blogging Vs AdWords Which Is Best To Advertise Your Business

Blogging Vs AdWords Which Is Best To Advertise Your Business

Blogging Vs AdWords Which Is Best To Advertise Your Business

Just recently I had the pleasure of meeting Sonam Sadhwani from Digi Ads Experts a Google Adwords,  Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn and PPC, Certified Expert. With a keen interest in other people’s opinions I was delighted to get a view into Sonam-D world and her expertise into Adwords. As a prolific blogger, branding strategist and SEO specialist myself soon I and Sonam debated the benefits of Blogging and SEO compared to Adwords. Below are the questions I asked Sonam and her responses enjoy the interview. Sonam Sadhwani can be found at her ODesk Profile Odesk and Facebook business Page Digi Ads Experts if you would like to get in touch.

For example if website owner wants you to do an AdWords Campaign for them. How much time does it take to set up their Campaign.

I can start working for their campaigns the same moment they hire me…let me tell u the process which I follow for my working since start….

Preliminary Analysis:

I’ll analyze your complete website and its working, whether all the pages are having a proper content, loading time, the Meta tags and content of the site to have better relevancy between the keywords, ads and landing pages. If any changes are required in Meta tags or landing page content, I’ll contact you to discuss and will move on further as per the discussion.

I will learn why your top competitors rank high on the search engines, figure out which keywords they dominate, and then identify their weaknesses. Identifying these factors beforehand guarantees a higher success rate for your company since you will be avoiding the mistakes your competitors have made, and improving upon their proven successful strategies.

Keywords Research

My next step will be to research keywords. Keywords will be selected as per their relevancy to the services mentioned in the site, low cost and low competition so Google can charge you as low as possible. It means more converting and result oriented keywords will be added. I’ll send you the keywords list for approval.

Campaign Set Up:

Next is, once the keywords are approved by you, I’ll start creating the campaign in the adwords account. The way I organize and set up the campaigns results in getting you higher quality scores that will ultimately lower down your cost giving you quality traffic. Maximum CPC (cost per click) or pricing for the keywords will be set keeping in mind the required cost to show the ads on first or top of the page (depends on your budget).

PPC Ads Design:

The enticing and compelling Ads will be created in each adgroup defining your services. Directing all the ads to their relevant landing pages. Regular analysis and optimization is performed in order to get you more leads at low cost and beat the competitors.

Location Targeting:

Your ads will be targeted to the location as specified by you. Negative keywords will be added so Google should not show your ads on the terms/keywords which are NOT related to your services. For example, “Free” and many more.

Tracking Your Audience:

In order to track the activity of users on your site, I will set up Google analytic account and conversion tracking. So I can track what users are doing on your site, what pages they visited, which keywords they searched, if they have filled up contact form or made a purchase.

Monitoring, Optimizing and Reporting:

Weekly reports will be sent to you wherein you will see all the metrics or data of your campaigns like keywords, clicks, impressions, CTR, conversions, cost etc. I keep on monitoring and optimizing the campaigns on a regular basis based on the performance. This way we will keep on beating the competitors online and getting you the results online.

For example if a site for a business is not doing very well. They contact you to do an AdWords Campaign for them. This Campaign  runs for a couple of weeks will that site experience better results once Campaign is finished without AdWords.

Adwords is an ongoing process David. If u stop Adwords campaign then your ads will stop showing on the Google. and if the ads are not shown then how users will get back to your site unless they visit directly to your site.

Other than this, you website needs to be good enough in terms of Quality, relevance, loading speed, content, and appearance than can attract the users to contact you. Adwords ONLY bring in the quality and relavant traffic to your site but it is your WEBSITE which plays an important role to compel the users to contact you.

Do the majority of companies that use Adwords have bad websites.

yes…I always provide my suggestions to the clients to make some changes on the website to make it attractive enough…as PPC is all about testing David, we can’t predict the results or we can’t predict what will work or what will not BUT we can always test and test and test…. PPC: this testing is called A/B testing.

Do you work with many websites that have an update and relevant blogs.

Well of course that could be done aswell. But what I am asking is do companies that have an active blog with good content. Need less AdWords Campaign’s than  companies that don’t have an active blog with good content.

yes that’s correct, BUT till the time u get high rank of your blog in SEO u can go with google adwords to get shown on the TOP within a few hours of launching the campaign. in SEO it takes time to rank high but with Adwords you can get your ads on TOP within a few hours.

What are the tool  you use for an Adwords campaign.

  1. keywords research I use
  2. Google Keyword Planner,
  3. spyfu,

You mentioned earlier that you sometimes come across some bad websites. You said that you give advice on how to fix them. Do many clients listen to your advice and implement your suggestions.

Most of them listen if they want good results. other than this they trust my advice bcz of my performance and past results. I just provide them suggestions and they need to consult a web designer to get them implemented as per the designers expertise.


I have a good few clients on board at the moment all within varying industries. But I generally advocate building a strong brand around great content that helps to promote products and services. But AdWords is a great way to bring in revenue until that brand gets established online. But of course as a lover of blogging its hard to deny the positive impact an engaging and informative blog can be to a businesses online presence and over all brand. But then it is not always possible for some  businesses to put the time and effort required for a blog so Adwords is a great and most effective strategy for them.

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