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Blogging And WordPress Your Foundations For Online Success

Blogging And WordPress Your Foundations For Online Success

Blogging And WordPress Your Foundations For Online Success

Just like a tree needs strong roots to grow and a house needs a strong foundation to build a family home on? Your online business and presence needs a strong foundation and let me cut to the chase that is your website. Either it’s a one page theme showing your resume a site to brand yourself into an industry. Possibly you wish to build your own business selling your products and services. Whatever it is you want to do online you need a home and that’s simply going to be your website / blog.

Where Do I Build My website / blog?

Well don’t waste your time even consider any other website building platform other than WordPress. You can even head over to and get started straight away for free. There is a learning curve with it but just take your time and you will figure out. The great thing about WordPress is that you will doing things right from the start.

Nothing worse that learning how to use a platform that’s either useless at scaling up when needed.  Additionally some platforms may have coding issues reducing your potential for high ranking on search engines.

Furthermore building your online home on WordPress means when you decide to host your own site. You can download the files from and upload it into your hosting providers account without any complications. This will be very beneficial especially when you want to bring your online home up to the next level.

 Wordpress Usage Statistics 2015



Entering An Online World Of ADHD

Let’s face it when where online these days it’s like entering the matrix with millions of activities happening every minute. Conveniently I have this displayed in an infographic below what’s happening every minute online.


Online is getting faster and busier all the time yet we still need and want to be on it. How many times have you scrolled through face book home page while listening to a video on You Tube and answering people messages on Twitter and LinkedIn? You know even though I work online and love its benefits so much.

I have often contemplated taking a holiday to a picturesque cottage without any technology even leaving my phone behind. So the benefits of your online home is as follows.

Picturess Cottage The Blasket Islands


Benefits Of Your Own Home Online

The web and especially social media is a busy place that bombard us all with content including yours. That content that you share on social media that brings that unique visitor to your blog Bring people away from the noise online and bring them to your online home. Where you dictate the pace you decide on the imagery and you choose what to present to your visitor. From this point you start to build and form your audience and I will break down the process below. Then from this point on you decide where things go from there.

Tell People Your Story

Once you start drawing visitors to your blog from this point on. You will be able to communicate your story to a large audience. Tell people how you got to where you are and where you intend to go. What service do you want offer what knowledge and expertise do you want to share. Your blog will become the amplification of what makes you special and if you don’t think you are. You will soon find out after writing a few blog posts.

Share Your Message Easily And Clearly

Here is the scenario that you will experience with your blog . You now have pulled someone from the busy world of social media and search engines. From this point on you have the potential to share your message. So make it clear, unique, informative and compelling enough so they linger and view more of your pages. Hopefully you have succeeded in achieving a visitor that you impressed enough so they decide to return.

Gain Subscribers

Once you get your blog set up you can now receive subscribers these are your fans followers and potential customers. But you must look after these subscribers and if you are not do something to fix it. Because they will soon leave to find another source for the information they need.

Earn Revenue

This here is a personal choice and it is for you to decide if earning a revenue from your blog is something that you want to do then here are a few choices. Install and activate AdSense or some of the many other ad networks. Sell your own products and services to your visitors and subscribers. Present yourself as a skilled individual to potential employers for a career that you really want. Sell affiliate products and earn a commission from each sale you make.

Showcase Your Skills Or Expertise

Present yourself to potential employers for that career that you want, if that is something that you wish. Just imagine while looking for that particular career that you may want. You have a crisp and professional sales page that presents your skills so vividly to prospective employers.

While everyone else is shoving CV across the web and into letter boxes. Your blog can basically be your presentation of skills and expertise for employers, clients, and potential partners. Whatever you want it to be.

Showcase Your Development

This is for anyone that is either learning a new skill or improving their current situation in life. You can document your progress and show your audience how you developed into whatever it is that you wish.

This is very similar to what I did I had an old blog and used it as showcase of my development. I found it very beneficial and its great to be able to look back on old work and see how much you have improved.

Become An Author

This really is quite simple you can break down a subject or topic into a couple of blog posts then when you are finished with that topic. You can then compile all of those blog posts into an eBook for your subscribers.

Become A Broadcaster

You can set up your own channel on YouTube and integrate the content you create through video on to your blog. You can do interviews with experts within your industry. Present your own show on your particular subject matter. Alternative media is now starting to take over main stream media so the potential there id huge.

Become The Master Of Your Own Destiny

Coming up with the brand that you want that presents you in the best way and then building and broadcasting that brand.  This process and also the practice of creating content will allow you to discover what you are really passionate about. Eventually you will be finds ways to monetize your online presence and you will reap the rewards from all of your effort.

Very Cost Effective

It really costs nothing but effort and time to build a successful blog. But if you want to build a business out of it you will have to be patient enough to build a reputation for yourself. This reputation that you build over time will benefit you in ways you could never have imagined. Just establish what you want to achieve with your blog at the beginning and position it towards that goal.

What social profiles will I use? How Will I Use Them

Below is probably the quickest explanation  you will get for social media in terms of how to use them and what you can achieve with them.

Facebook: (Advertise, Connect, Advertise, Share, Advertise) So basically here is where you can advertise your blog. Join groups that are related to your  topic of interest this will greatly assist you in driving traffic to your site.

Twitter: ( Keep Up To Date On Whats Going On Make valuable connections). What happens here matters people take notice of what’s trending on Twitter and people care about it. Follow active users with similar interests as yourself and be active yourself. I achieve between 800 and 600 hundred new followers per month and so can you. Use hashtags, set up multiple automated replies for new followers and send tweets to these new followers as well. Furthermore retweet content of new followers and content relevant to your industry whats

LinkedIn: (Make Business Connections Spread Your Authority) here is where you will share your content with your connections. This is where you will make valuable professional connections with people similar to you. You will learn from these professionals and reach to them so they can collaborate with you.

Google+: (Learn From the Professionals) Great platform to to get your content ranking high within search engines. When you share a blog post on Google+ and it is plused and shared will get that piece of content pushed high within search engines. So a very valuable platform for seo and also some really valuable hangouts there to learn from.

YouTube: (Create Load and save your videos) With 72% of marketers expected to create video for their marketing you may want to consider doing the same. I know I will be creating more videos I have been putting it off for some time but will start creating them soon.

Sound Cloud: (Create and save your podcasts) Here you can create and upload your podcasts you can also read out your blog post and place this within the blog post.

TSU: (Make money while you share like comment and connect) Great idea never really materialised but I live in hope. The concept of paying content creators royalties was a great idea.

Pinterest ( Sell Your Product a female demographic ) If you have a produce this is the place for you.


Like allot of things in life the foundations of where you build something is very important and can determine how well you succeed online. Although social media is highly significant at getting your message out to the masses. You still need a base a place to call home where you determine what happens.

I started this blog in October of 2014 that is only 10 month it may sound like allot but for many out here they are years trying to make it. I definitely have not made it yet but what I have achieved is this. Consistently increasing traffic numbers every month. Revenue stream through adsense and other strategically placed advertisements. I become well known within the industry of Digital marketing as an expert. I have successfully marketed myself into a career that I have always wanted. Furthermore I continue to attract various opportunities to earn extra revenue.

I am not going to take over the world tomorrow but I am determining my world and how it should be. I am no longer dictated to I determine my own destiny and so can you for what ever purpose you want. A blog built on WordPress with good content and an honest voice will achieve what ever you want.



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