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Algorithm Changes: Why They Happen And Why You Should Stop Worrying About Them

Algorithm Changes: Why They Happen And Why You Should Stop Worrying About Them

Algorithm Changes: Why They Happen And Why You Should Stop Worrying About Them

In the battle of websites and content on the World Wide Web Algorithm’s love them or hate them. Serve as the referee that determines what’s good and what’s bad. So many have used the internet to spam their way into your wallets. Some of course have succeeded selling overpriced hyped products.

That serve little or no value Google and other search engine providers want to help prevent these scenario from occurring. Algorithm are here to level the playing field between those who concentrate on cheating the web and those who concentrate on providing value to their customers. If you are the latter then you need to change your tactics.

Algorithm’s They Are Complicated

Exactly!! they are complicated and unless you work for Google, Bing, or Yahoo then you should not spend much time to understand them to much. If you have an online presence for your business then you should concentrate on that and the Algorithm’s will do there own thing. All you need to know is the basics and that is what we will cover here.

Guardians Of Search Engines

These are the engineers that work relentlessly at determining factors that will assist in determining a site or pages relevance and value to a searchers needs. The guardians of search engines and their algorithm’s want to punish cheaters but of course they don’t get it right all of the time.

Algorithm’s Change Reguarly

Algorithm’s very seldom changed in the past and if you were on page one for your key word. You could enjoy this position and the benefits it brings for a very long time. But now the changes come allot more frequently and this is why it’s harder for people to manipulate search engines to there benefit. This is why if you do things correctly from the start then Algorithm’s should not effect you to much.

Top Google Search Ranking Factors Sept 2014


Boston, Caffeine, Vince, And Panda

With the launch of Googles browser toolbar There is never a clear structure as to how and why google come up with their names for these updates. But they still come with their varying degrees of disruption to many on the web. I personally like the name Caffeine and this is when the web woke up to the concept that cheating was less an attractive option. But regardless of that lets look at the Algorithm changes that have been most recent and significant.

Panda Algorithm Or The Farmer

Launched with a bang to some in Febuary 23 2011 with the objective to place sites that concentrated on delivering quality unique content over those who were farming content.

Farming Content

These are sites that where farming large quantities of content from other sources to gain high rankings for numerous key words. These sites provided little or no use to searchers and this is why they were targeted. Initially called the farmer because of its effect on farming sites then eventually given its current name by its creator “Navneet Panda”.

Thin Content

This is content in posts and pages that is just of no help to anyone who comes across it. This content gives no information answers no questions with little or no effort put into it.

Duplicate Content

This is simply content that is copied and pasted from one site to another site. Panda is a defender or original and genuine content creators that wish help their visitors with their content. This particularly is problematic to Ecommerce sites who have same products as other sites  with duplicate descriptions.

Low-Quality Content

This is simply what is says content that is created and pushed out without any thought put in to the quality of that content. Many within this industry advocated creating as much content as possible even every day. Regardless if that content was any good or not.

The objective of this was to get as much content indexed so you effectively gain more real estate on the web. This tactic worked really in terms of getting content indexed yet potential customers, followers and fans viewing these pieces of content saw little or no value in them. This resulted in damaging the company’s reputation

You Can Still Beat The  Panda.

Panda is still in operation and gets updated regularly. Google used to let us know when these updates occurred but now only do when there is something significant changes.

The benefits to this is that if you have a site that was badly effected by Panda algorithms then these update can be your saviour. This is because when Google updates their panda algorithm which is every month by the way. This algorithm takes a fresh new look at your site after each new update. So if you implement the Panda algorithm check list shown within this post then you will start to see some improvements.

So the advice here is to tidy things up make sure you are providing quality content that is unique to you. Do this for the foreseeable future and after a few panda refreshes you will soon to see improvements. Google and other search engines will start to see you in a better light and will eventually rank you higher.


Yet another cute animal name for this algorithm which appeared on the April 24th 2012. The objective of this algorithm was to target sites with backlinks that where manufactured, paid for and where un natural. This is why now there is more emphasis on link earning than link building. Google and other search engines want to give sites credit that earn their back links naturally.


“ Hyper-links pointing to a particular Web page. Backlinks are important to SEO, because Google considers the quality and quantity of backlinks to determine PageRank”

Backlinks defination

Quality Backlinks

This means simply that if you are a company that works in Internet Marketing and SEO. It would be very beneficial if company’s similar to you where linking to you. Of course genuine, potential and existing customers would be also examples of quality links.

This is why blogging is so effective for companies as receiving comments on posts will create natural links. Furthermore if you are providing quality information companies and individuals will naturally link to you

“Quality backlink is a backlink that links to your Web site using your keywords or keyword phrase, and also appears on a Web site that has the same theme or similar content topic as your own Web site”


There Is Life After Penguin

Similar to Panda Penguin gets a refresh but not as often so if you preserver and tidy up those bad links then you will easily and soon be climing to the high rankings you where once used to. This can be done by removing those unnatural links or by using the disanvow tool.

Unfortunately the disanvow process takes along time to process so patience would be needed here. Furthermore you really need someone who can do this properly for you or you could be wasting your time. Below are a few external sources for more information on the disanvow tool.

Disanvow External Resourses

  1. Google’s guide on the disavow tool:
  2. 7 Things You May Not Know About Google’s Disavow Tool:

Controversial  Penguin Solution

The more I look into how to fix a Penguin hit site I often wonder would it be more beneficial to start all over again. This may be a drastic step to take but when you look at the time and effort required to fix a badly hit Penguin site. It may be the only sensible option look at it like this.

If you had two cars that crashed one where only a fender was damaged so its worth fixing as it wont cost much and can be done in a reasonable time frame. But if the other car is a right off and is going cost more than what the car is worth then its better just to get a new one as it will work out cheaper than fixing.

Humming Bird

The reason this was left till last is because this was a complete over haul of Google search engine. This was practically Google reinventing the search engine all over again like buying a new car with a smarter engine. Its reason for being is the crocks of where Google is trying to go with search engines over all. As with Panda and Penguin these where just simple fixes yet they effected many. Google wants to give you the right question the first time they want to decipher your intent. They what to know what you really want whats behind the question you type into the search box.

Stop Worrying About Algorithm’s Changes

Like I stated in the start of this post focus on your business and your products and services. Ensure your online presence is clean and is easily understood. The reason for all of these Algorithm’s changes is to improve the searchers experience. So if you focus on providing the best and most compelling information you can you will rarely be effected by any future Algorithm changes.

Focus on building your brand and build your fan base naturally employ a SEO specialist that incorporates all aspects of SEO. Especially SEO specialists they like to keep things simple and easy to understand. Someone who will give continued support for when ever you need. If you cant afford that an SEO specialist seek out resources that will explain SEO easily. Because here online simplicity works best and outlasts all of the hype..

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